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    Why Exalogic?

    We believe that working at Exalogic is a unique opportunity to be part of the innovation and growth of one of the world’s most successful companies. Our employees are our most important asset and we are proud to offer a workplace that is both challenging and rewarding. 

Meet our People

See what Exalogic People have to say about working with us.

Drawing in and building up the best talent is continuously a significant area of focus for Exalogic Consulting, as we believe that our people are our most significant resource as well as our greatest advantage.

In fact, at Exalogic, you are not a number, representative or asset – however, one of Exalogic's great brains who will make a difference to our customers, network and company!

When you work with us, it is already a set fact that you are exceptional, and that’s why you can anticipate:
  • We are working on really cool projects daily. What drives business today is innovation, and we are the innovation arm for some of the universes most recognized brands. Regardless of whether it is Agile, Digital, Testing, Analytics – you will be at the front line of changing and molding the market.
  • We are the ideal mix of a large organization – far away from a startup and the majority of the related difficulties with a startup - yet with the gigantic upside. So what we have is a considerably more agile organization where you can feel like you are making a difference and you are enabled to make choices.
  • Working for a worldwide organization makes you, to a higher degree, a worldwide resident. The world is getting more globalized, and this experience will drastically expand your capacity to see how to function across societies and cultures. Also, finding out about new cultures is both fulfilling and captivating!
  • Careers develop best when organizations are developing. Today we are among the quickest developing organizations in the industry.
  • To make each your work experience energizing and improving here, we are continually searching for better approaches to upgrade our proposition further.

Why Exalogic

Career Development

It is our firm belief that leadership is present at all levels. We develop our people technical skills, soft skills and strategy.


While we immensely appreciate all the hard work you do for us, we do want you to have a work-life harmony.

Reward and Recognition

Exalogic culture has always been based on a reward system where appreciation and acknowledgement have always been an everyday thing.

Values and Leadership

Our global leadership is consistently steering Exalogic to a path of growth.

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